Toyhood matches stop-motion animated toys with non-scripted interviews with immigrants living in the UK, making it appear that the toys are being interviewed about their children and pets, and how much they’d miss them if they were gone. Made loosely in response to Brexit, Toyhood is a lighthearted celebration of our neighbours.

This project was commissioned by Creative Industries Trafford and Cosgrove Hall Films Archive with support from Arts Council England and Waterside. The making of this film was part of a wider initiative to provide a platform for local artists, where new collaborations can be made between makers, writers, and animators. Using CHFA as a living resource, they hope to maintain traditional stop motion techniques while supporting new and exciting projects.

The project was selected for ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum in 2019 to pitch to industry experts and professionals. Zoë was also selected for Juan Soto's 3 day Character Animation Workshop (shown left).

Skwigly Online Animation Magazine featured Toyhood in an article titled: Toyhood – A Non-Political Short Film that Tackles Brexit & Immigration

Read it here.

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